The Effectiveness of a Multicultural and Bilingual Education

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The Effectiveness of a Multicultural and Bilingual Education

1 There is a lot of controversy concerning our public educational programs. Opinions and lifestyles differ; [-- often] Often what is beneficial for one group of people is counterproductive for another group. Educational issues are complex and sensitive; [-- therefore] Therefore, we must analyze both sides of the issue before we make a decision. Two controversial issues in today's public educational program are multicultural and bilingual education.

2 Some experts believe there are many benefits we, as Americans, can experience in a multicultural education. James A Banks states; "An education that reflects the experiences of a nation across its racial, gender and
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Learning and understanding their culture is one way of uniting our nation. [Combine with previous paragraph?]

4 There are other experts that [who] believe multicultural education is counterproductive to American education. Thomas J Famularo, a former English instructor for the City University of New York argues that multiculturalism is harmful because it does not dive deep enough into the individual cultures. This type of curricula doesn?t give us a united American culture; Instead, it divides us into groups according to our race, gender and social class. Famularo states; " Such curricula results in a decline of educational quality" (103). Experts claim [whose authority?] these divisions will pull our nation even further apart and take the emphasis off our traditional values of family; Church and school then turn to race, gender and sexual preference (Famularo 104).

5 According to Famularo, two fatal flaws undermine multicultural education. " The first is that the more the curriculum represents a multicultural test based upon "exposure to diversity" the more shallow and superficial learning becomes. The second fatal flaw is that it necessarily precludes the single most important requirement for successful education- [--] coherent means to a discernible end" (106). Linda Chaves states; "If we allow race and ethnic [ "ethnicity" -- inacurrate quotation] to determine public policy, we invite the kind of cleavages

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