The Effectiveness of the Marketing Strategy Adopted by the Low-Cost Airlines

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The Effectiveness Of The Marketing Strategy Adopted By The Low-Cost Airlines


This research proposal aims to describe a proposed research study that will examine the effectiveness of the marketing strategy adopted by the low-cost airlines in the US and UK and speculate if this strategy will allow them to succeed in the current economic scenario.

If the global recession has hit any industry the hardest, it is the airline industry. The airline industry suffered its largest drop ever in passenger revenue in the year 2009 ( The global recession, accompanied by high levels of unemployment, hit air travel demand especially hard in 2009," said James May, ATA chief executive and president, in
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• In today’s customer-focused age, why should the customer be bound by rigid cancellation policies and why should he/she be content with no food or snacks on board? o In fact, the airlines will have to introduce a good menu to lure the customers and make their policies more customer-friendly.


An airline operator invests an enormous amount of money to start, run its business and get established in the market. However, the success comes only after the airlines runs smoothly over a considerable period of time. If the strategy fails during the bad times, it may result into bankruptcy for the operator, loss of jobs for the employees and a liability to the government.

The aim of my research will be –

1. To highlight the nature of the marketing strategy already in practice, such as to why it was developed and at what period of time it was developed. 2. To check how efficient the strategy will be under present conditions taking into consideration the economic downturn and in the future considering the demands of the new young generation. 3. A marketing strategy always needs to be flexible (Principles of Marketing, Philip Kotler). The aim of this research will be to contribute some significant ideas which the low-cost airlines may incorporate into their current strategy.


• The main
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