The Effectiveness of the Retention Policy in the Accountancy Program of Adamson University

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THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE RETENTION POLICY IN THE ACCOUNTANCY PROGRAM OF ADAMSON UNIVERSITY A Baby Thesis Presented to the faculty of Adamson University College of Liberal Arts English and Foreign Languages Department In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements in EN212 Technical English Bambalan, Claudine A. Mangalino, Cezar Alvaro II S. Marcelo, Kharlo Q. Miguel, Rizza Anne F. October, 2012 Approval Sheet In partial fulfilment of the requirements in EN212 Technical English, this baby thesis entitled “The Effectiveness of the Retention policy in Accountancy program of Adamson University” written by Bambalan, Claudine A., Mangalino, Cezar Alvaro II S., Marcelo, Kharlo Q. and Miguel, Rizza Anne F. is recommended…show more content…
Competitiveness refers to the strong desire of the students to succeed in their chosen careers. Drive refers to the motivation of the BSA students to pursue their career in Accountancy. Retention Policy refers to the standard grade that is needed to be maintained by the BSA students. Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The retention policy gives emphasis on the following; Retention policies are especially important for associations due to their unique, central role in so many industries and professions, (Leavitt, 2007). According to Nagaoka and Roderick (2004) a central focus of this report is estimating whether retention had a positive impact in students' achievement growth. Evaluating the effect of retention means that the researchers have to find a comparison group of low-achieving students who might represent what would have happened if those students who failed to make the promotional cut-off had not been retained. In this report, the researchers do this by comparing the achievement growth of third and sixth graders whose reading test scores fell just below the promotion cut-off in 1998 and 1999, the majority of whom were retained, to the achievement growth of two comparison groups: (1) students who had reading test scores just above the test-score cut-off in those years, the majority

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