The Effects And Effects Of British Imperialism In India

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For approximately 200 years, Great Britain had ruled over the Indian subcontinent. After Robert Clive’s forces won the Battle of Plassey, the East India Company had gained some power in 1757 (Ray). Before the period of British rule known as the Raj, India’s economy had been stable for some centuries. The Company had soon taken advantage of the strong framework in place, monopolizing industry and taking political control as well. India’s already large and growing population provided cheap labor for a subsistence economy installed within the nation that did not encourage industrial development. Because everything could be imported so cheaply from India without duty, India’s existing industries had no protection from British competition…show more content…
The poverty that has infected the region is quite reminiscent of 40 famines under British rule, leading to the deaths of 59 million Indians (RT International).
Further evidence shows that more British involvement over the course of two centuries made nearly all aspects of Indian society weaker overall. Areas that experienced direct British rule have significantly lower levels of access to education, roads, and healthcare in the postcolonial period, thereby demonstrating that the quality of governance during Britain’s imperial rule in India had a significant effect on the country after becoming an independent nation in 1947 (Fisher). Regarding industry, the absence of Britain ever imperializing within India would affect all facets of society within the subcontinent. It is widely known that the construction of railroads in British-controlled India occurred rapidly. Introduced by Britain in 1871, railroads were strategically placed to solely allow for British economic prosperity within the region. However, without Great Britain involved, railroads would be introduced later in the 20th century, the point in time at which railroads were a main source of transportation throughout the world
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