The Effects Military Deployment Has On Marital Relationships.

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The Effects Military Deployment has on Marital Relationships Meghan GaNung Indiana University of Pennsylvania Abstract This research paper provides a theoretical perspective on the effects that military deployment has on marital relationships. The background section investigates the five different military branches, what stressors are involved for those in military relationships, and a brief history of what military relationships were like in the past. In the literature review, readers will explore research studies that have been conducted in the past five years that pertain to military couples. There are three themes that will be pointed out throughout the literature review; the psychological effects deployment has on…show more content…
Other effects of low relationship satisfaction can be caused from the individuals experiencing anxiety and or depression. Over 25% of military personnel look for professional care due to these diagnostics (Trump, Lamson, & Lewis, 2015). An individual experiencing mental distress does not have the energy to work on a difficult relationship. It is important to conduct more research on military romantic relationships to bridge the gap between what is known and unknown. This information can help prepare military couples for the changes that will occur in their lives and help the couple to better understand the impact deployment has on their relationship. Military marriages are falling apart for reasons that can be easily fixed with external support. Community resources are available to aid military spouses while they are dealing with the separation. However, these resources are not being used as they should. There are plenty of spouses that would benefit from the outside aid, the issue comes into play that they don’t know about them. Informing research to help prepare the couple for their distant relationship to military couples can bridge the gap between these communication barriers the couples experience. Background Military The United States military employs nearly 1.5 million soldiers. The military is broken down into five different branches,
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