The Effects Of A Company On The Access Technology

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Abstract This study examined the effects of a company not investing in the proper technology. A company not being able to market themselves in the digital world, would greater their chances of missed opportunities to invite, connect and interact with their customers. Since everyone is connected to the internet; it has allowed consumers and business to communicate at a faster pace. Thus it can be said that if an organization is not keeping up with technology, then they will continue to miss opportunities for growth. This will lead to poor performance and loss of sales. A company that has been around for 70 years would surely know how much of an impact not keeping up with time and not employing the right technology has in the marketplace. Wakefern Food Corp. has not only increase their sales but also made their customer’s shopping experience pleasant and up to date. This is why they are leading in the digital world. Their success can be measured by their rival and competitors closing their stores because they were not able to attract new customers. Research Paper: The Future of Wakefern Food Corp and their role in digital world During Wakefern Food Corp’s 70 years of business, they have shown continued growth. It acts as a member-owned cooperative for family owned supermarkets that service their communities. Wakefern Food Corp has a long and rich history and tradition to serve customers with quality products with suitable pricing. It started its journey way back
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