The Effects Of A Concussion On High School Sports

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A concussion is a mild type of traumatic brain injury, caused by a blow to the head. A Concussion is a common injury in high school sports. Doctors consider them to be a mild injury, because they are rarely life threatening. However, a concussion can range in severity and it can be difficult to determine how serious the injury is, even with a CT scan. The student 's ability to recover is greatly impacted by the severity of the injury. Each student 's recovery is different, and often students are cleared to practice before they have fully recovered. Alarmingly, if a concussed student athlete returns to their sport without fully recovering, they are at risk for life threatening second-impact syndrome. Head injuries are finally being addressed on the news, and getting the attention they deserve. Now is not the time for naivety, the health of student athletes needs to be priority. What exactly is second-impact syndrome and how is it being prevented in high school sports? Every coach, player, and parent needs to be aware of the risk involved in making hasty return to play decisions. The estimated incidence of sports-related concussions ranges from 300,000 to 3.8 million annually. The range is so vast because of the staggering amount of concussions that go unreported. Researchers have suggested that more than 50% of concussions are unaccounted for. Concussions often go unreported due to lack of recognition of symptoms or unwillingness to report the injury, because they fear that
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