The Effects Of A Healthy Low Calorie Restricted Diet And Aerobic Exercise On Obesity

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The Effects of a Healthy Low Calorie Restricted Diet and Aerobic Exercise on Obesity
By Robert Jay Yang
Masters in Physiology Candidate
Literature Research Course (PBIO 907-11), Summer 2014
Capstone Reader: Dr. Patrick Forcelli

Introduction The prevalence of obesity continues to increase and remains elevated over the past several decades in the United States (12). About 34% adults and 17% children are obese, which totals to about 72 million adults and 12 million children out of the entire U.S. population. Among these, African Americans and Hispanics Americans have the highest rates compared to Asian Americans and non-Hispanics White (12). Obesity is defined as having excessive fat in the body. Although overweight and obesity are defined as the body weight above what is considered normal or healthy, both terms differ in meaning. Similarly to obesity, overweight means weighing too much. The difference is that weight originates from fat, bone, muscle, or body water and not entirely from fat itself. Obesity is a complex disorder because of the increasing associated risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, and some cancers (10). Environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors all contribute to obesity. Obesity occurs when calorie consumptions are greater than calorie expenditures. The balance of energy intake and output differ from person to person and is based on genetic predisposition, lack of physical activities, or increase…
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