The Effects Of A Rising Population With Dwindling Water Resources

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The Effects of a Rising Population with Dwindling Water Resources Water is a non-renewable resource that is being threatened by America’s exponential population growth and increasing water consumption per capita. The future is tiptoeing its way forward, and until the magnitude of this reality is acknowledged, the U.S. will fail to prepare for a potential loss of resources. America’s population growth, especially paired with its decreasing water supply, will lead to a synthesis of issues threatening America’s industries, living conditions, overall health, environment, and economy. America’s population is growing rapidly as a result of several different factors and will come with a cost. A consequence of our modern medical technology…show more content…
When addressing the nature of water changes, it is critical to distinguish droughts- departures from a local climatological norm that is presumed known- from actual dryness itself. After conceptually separating the two, it was found that America was not just in a temporary drought but would continue to grow drier. (Sherwood) A key component that many high-profile climate reports fail to consider is that with warming land, more rain is needed to sustain it. Although many regions will get more rain, few will get enough to match the growing evaporative demand. If this demand is not met, precipitation will continue to decrease, and our water resource will continue to shrink. (Sherwood) Although humans could take further measures to reserve additional freshwater, “humans already appropriate over 50 percent of all available renewable freshwater.” (Srinivasan) Because water consumption is proportional to the available amount of water, as America’s freshwater supply drops they begin to use a higher percentage of this valuable resource, leaving little amounts of water for other purposes. (Sherwood) To compensate for this high-use of water, America must put caps
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