The Effects Of Abortion On Abortions Many People May State

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There are many physiological effects towards abortions many people may state. Others disagree stating there is no physiological impact. This research is very opinion based because everything is so biased. What really happens when babies are aborted. Eclipse of Reason is a 1987 pro-life documentary video directed, filmed, and narrated by Bernard Nathanson, with an introduction by Charlton Hesston. Eclipse of Reason is a follow up to Nathanson’s first film The Silent Scream. They were not always pro-life though. They believed that abortion was fine and that there was no physiological impact towards abortions. They conducted a study which focuses on the limbs of the fetus while in the womb then proceeds to show the abortion in graphic detail. This is what changed their minds. For someone whom was always was pro-abortion, this changed their minds and made them become pro-life because of how drastic and horrifying abortions really were. Abortions are a really touchy subject and it’s hard to conduct research because everyone has an opinion and it’s hard to stick to just research. Many people state abortions lead to depression, sleep deprivation, and sometimes death. While others state that abortion doesn’t cause any damage at all. Every research is different and changes all the time with new ideas and new biased research. Some state there’s no impact, some state there’s huge impacts, and others like Nathanson switch sides and their research changes sides also. The article,
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