The Effects Of Abortion On Women 's Body

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Killing unborn babies by using horrifying procedures isn’t just flat out wrong but also morally wrong. Abortions also can be very damaging to the human body. Thirteen out of 17 studies in the U.S. reported more breast cancer among women who chose abortion. A 1996 meta-analysis of all published reports on the incidence of induced abortion and breast cancer appearing in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found, on average, a 30% increased risk. Abortion can destroy lives of many helpless innocent children and even in some states is legal. The women of today age in time chooses to advantage and use abortions as a form of some type of birth control. Abortion isn’t just a small matter it’s a great matter it’s the difference in life and death literally. This procedure was legalized in the 1973 Supreme Court cases of Roe vs. Wade, and Doe vs. Boston. The harmful effects of abortions on a women body Its many things that can happen during and after the procedure that can ruin your body physically. You may even start to get an infection or obtain a bladder injury from the abortion you received the symptoms consist of nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, peritonitis, blood in stool, and death if not dealt with immediately after it happens. Scientists have discovered that there is a higher rate of getting breast cancer if you have aborted at least once in your lifetime. Breast cancer has risen by 50% in America since abortion has became legal in 1973. National statistics

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