The Effects Of Abuse And Child Abuse

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“They almost looked as though they were sleeping. It almost looked like they were cuddled up together for the night.” –Lt. Michael Fleming, commander of the Nassau, New York, homicide squad, after finding three young children dead in their bed after their mother had killed them. (Qtd. In Juettner 12). Abuse doesn’t just affect children, it affects adults too. While many cases of abuse are reported, there are still many that go unreported. Abuse and child abuse is not something to be taken lightly, even after the abuse has been stopped there are long lasting effects. Could you imagine being abused by someone you thought loved or cared about you? According to, the definition of “home” is… An environment offering security and happiness. Someone’s home should be a place where they feel that “warm and fuzzy” feeling and at the end of a long day at school or work you can’t wait to get home. Sadly, for some this is not the case. Most cases of abuse do in fact happen in the home. To best understand this phenomena one must look at the history and background, the types, and the horrific results of abuse. Abuse isn’t something that just came about in the last five years, it’s something that has had a long, sad, and angering history. When someone says the word abuse… what comes to mind? The first thing that pops into mind is physical abuse. Physical isn’t the only type of abuse but it’s the first one we think of because you can see the bruises and the cuts. Emotional,…
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