The Effects Of Abuse On Children And Their Development

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It is documented that millions of children are abused every year and that most abuse cases happen in the home. The most common forms of abuse that occur to children are maltreatment and neglect. (Hodgdon, Kinniburgh, Gabowitz, Blaustein, & Spinazzola, 2013). Research shows that abuse causes a negative impact on children who have been mistreated. Some examples of this are the abuse disrupts the biological and psychological development of these children, and the abuse also causes behavior, learning, and emotional problems within the children who have experienced any sort of abuse (Brassard & Rivelis, 2009). Some of the symptoms that children who have been abused experience are depression, PTSD, internalizing and externalizing behaviors (Kjellgren, Svedin, & Nilsson, 2013). Overall, abuse can have a severe negative effect on children and their development, which means that there needs to be an effective treatment to help these children cope and treat their symptoms. One of the treatment options that were discussed in these articles was called The Combined Parent-Child Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Families at Risk for Child Abuse (CPC-CBT) model, and this model includes parent interventions, child interventions, and then child/parent interventions simultaneously (Kjellgren et al., 2013). The goals of this model for the treatment of children who have been abused are to decrease the risk of abuse episodes and to improve the child’s overall emotional adjustment by learning
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