The Effects Of Addiction On The World Of Warcraft

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2 June 2016
Negative Effects of Addictions
What is the cause of addiction(s)? An addiction is cause by a person’s psychological habit that got developed into the person’s mental and physical condition, in which a person is unable to take control. The reason why people develop an addiction is because they have psychological, emotional, and interpersonal problem that they don’t want to deal with, so they find alternative ways to avoid the problems. Some people turn to drugs as a way to escape reality, but the majority of the people turn to the virtual online world to escape from their psychological, emotional, and interpersonal problem. A virtual online game that is currently popular for people to escape their psychological, emotional and interpersonal problem would be a game called World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG), in which player have a vast of task they can do, ranging from exploring areas, fight monsters to level up, quests, interacting and battle with other players to unlocking abilities and spells. World of Warcraft, like many other MMORPG, is a highly addicting game. The reason for that is because there are always new things to do, there are a lot of people to socialize with, and it is a place where a person can go to escape from reality. World of Warcraft, get people addicted by creating habit(s) to their consumer causing them to want to play regularly. In the book, The…

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