The Effects Of Adhd On Children 's Overall Development

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ADHD has an effect on the child’s overall development. It doesn’t impact them as much as some disorders do, but it does take effect. It has no effect on their language and as far as my research shows, it has little or no effect on their self-help skills either, however it does effect the cognitive, and fine motor domains. About half of all the children who have ADHD also have a learning disability. “Among the children who did not have a learning disability, children with ADHD had more learning problems than children without ADHD, indicating that children with ADHD had some difficulty with learning even though they did not meet the criteria for LD.” (Learning disabilities and ADHD: Overlapping spectrum disorders. Journal of Learning Disabilities) “Material and methods: Cognitive test data were analyzed for 10- to 11-year-old children with (1) ADHD, (2) sub threshold ADHD and (3) milder attention and/or learning problems, and compared with normative data. Results: Thirty-two had ADHD and 10 met the criteria for sub threshold ADHD, prevalence rates of 5.4% and 1.6%, respectively. On a group level, children with ADHD/sub threshold ADHD, and those with milder attention and/or learning problems had almost identical cognitive profiles for the 13 subtests comprising the WISC III, with particularly low results on the arithmetic, coding, information and digit span subtests (ACID profile).” It isn’t always a fact that they will be behind in school. ADHD isn’t the same for every child
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