The Effects Of Adhd Symptoms On Children 's Behavior Essay

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This study will look closely at how ADHD symptoms are related to the children’s behavior which can be impacted through various settings once the child is experiencing these symptoms. The mission of this study is to find out whether the children with ADHD will have an increase or decrease behavior that will affect their ability to behave in the school, home, work or another setting. This section describes the research approach which will be used in the study. Furthermore, this will explain in detail the sampling method and the resulting sample used in the following study, the process and procedures to consider and highlight the ethical considerations when furthering the research. It also explains the pro and cons to address quantitative and qualitative methods that will be used to conduct the data analysis.

Mainly, in this study, the focus will be based on quantitative methods which are being used. The findings will be expressed in future studies conducting by other researchers. Deductive reasoning will help determine if an existing theoretical framework can be tested based on what is already created. More importantly, this can be shown as if malnutrition is the cause of behavior which affects children. By establishing causality can then determine the connection between which the food additives, AFC or dyes can result in a consequence in the child. However, in this study, there will be two rating scales which will show answers from the beginning during a
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