The Effects Of Advertisements And Their Effect On Teen Brain

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Diet Pills 2 i. Laxatives: 3 ii. Stimulants 3 iii. Appetite suppressant 3 Weight Loss Advertisements 3 Advertisements About Creams or Patches That Can Burn Fat. 4 False Advertisements and their effect on Teen Brain 5 References 7 Image References 7 Introduction The number of false advertisements in fitness industry have increased in the past few years. Now is the prime time to tell people that they should not blindly trust these advertisements and try to do a little research or consult any health care practitioner before using the product or the service. Radcliffe (2016) claims that “Sadly, one-third of adults and 17% of children in the U.S. are obese, and weight loss drugs have become a big business” There are various topics that will be focused during this presentation like diet pills advertisements, weight loss advertisements, creams that claim to melt fat. Diet Pills Due to sedentary lifestyle people now a days are getting interested in methods that will help them to reduce their weight in a quick and easy way and completely ignoring the side effects of these products. Researches show that people who are exposed to weight loss or diet pills advertisements tend to make unhealthier food choice. Often diet pills advertisements are filled with pictures of models or people who are in good shape trying to prove people that taking these pills will make you look like them. Diet pills or weight loss pills is considered
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