The Effects Of Advertising On Children 's Body Type By Using A Body Mass Index Scale ( Bmi )

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Introduction: Over time our minds have changed again, and again about the idea of “advertising to children”. In just the past few decades, there has been a major increase of obesity not only young adults, but children as well. The scariest part of American 's gaining weight, is that our youth has been gaining more weight than any other age group within our country. The way we are able to calculate how healthy or unhealthy a certain weight is, is by using a body mass index scale (BMI). We use this tool to determine the healthiest range for our body type by plugging in our height and weight. Since the early 1980 's to now, nearly 15% of children have been diagnosed with obesity in the United States alone. This information is extremely…show more content…
What parents need to keep in mind is that, these children are very young and they need their nutrition before they need sweets. I have opened up a child 's lunch box myself, peering in and noticing that they have a total of 4 food items.
1.Nutella filled sandwich dripping with Nutella.
2.Hershey 's chocolate bar with peanuts.
3.Honey Glazed Honey bun.
4.Chocolate covered almonds.
This was all within the same lunch box! Once again we ask why our children are obese? Gene 's? Parents? Either way, what is making these children want to eat the way that they eat?
Every day these children can be seen in front of a television, or an electronic device. Within the last 15 years the internet has really made a difference in our lives as well as how our society interacts. Children in 2015 are more exposed to advertising and the media, than they were just in 1990. Within this short amount of time, the media have really changed their main focus to be children. Flipping through cartoon channels you can see several fast food restaurants advertising to children.
Television Advertising to children: Over 65% of the adult population in the world will tell you that they are visual learners. The same goes for our children. If you were to flip through channels and see a fast food commercial more than likely they are advertising unhealthy foods, high in trans fats, as well as foods with unnatural added sugars. Over 70 percent of
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