The Effects Of Advertising On Children 's Advertising

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Advertisements can be quite difficult for anyone to fully comprehend. As we get older, we generally gather enough information to know whether or not most of the advertisements that we see on a regular basis should be taken seriously or not. That is not to say, however, that we don’t still get trapped in their webs, it just means that we become a little harder to trap. Although most adults understand the purpose of advertisements, children do not have that luxury. For this very same reason, children are becoming progressively more targeted in company’s ad campaigns, even for ads that should not have anything to do with them. In my own life, for example, I can think of numerous instances where advertisements and the media have affected the purchases of others. Since watching the Consuming Kids video, I have been much more aware of the different tactics that advertisement companies use on the general population in order to get them to continue their spending at an unprecedented rate. The history of advertising is definitely an interesting one, however short it may seem. Since adults become progressively harder to influence as they get older, busier, and have more expenses, media companies have looked to children in order to create brand loyal people for when they get older. According to the Consuming Kids video, advertising to children has been met with a variety of challenges. One challenge that they have come across, and cleared, are the laws that went into effect to stop…
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