The Effects Of Advertising On Men And Women

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Abstract Advertising has become the new form of reaching out to the greatest numbers of people and advertisements are a necessity for a business to succeed. This era has become desensitized and less focused on personal connections which is why advertisements have become a large focus to business owners because they are able to provide information on their goods and services without reaching out to make personal connections. An advertisement directly appeals to the viewer in their own ways by making people want something they don’t already have. This paper will include the effects advertisers have on men and women regarding ethics and how they influence the viewer. The explanation on techniques used by advertisement to persuade a consumer and pressure them into purchasing the product and/or service. And finally the explanation on how advertisers use ethics to increase sales and demand while providing false and unethical ads. Sometimes companies will intentionally exaggerate the ad in hopes that the consumer will purchase the product without giving it another thought. Ethics in advertising, according to (MSG), depends on what the consumer believes in. If the company creates an ad that is truthful and just wants to persuade the consumer with a positive outcome, then the ad would not be classified as unethical. However, if the company creates an ad that does in fact have untruthful and deceptive depictions, to intentionally fool the customer,…
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