The Effects Of Advertising On Our Society

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Introduction: Communication is one of the crucial ways to send your message across or enhance your knowledge. And now we have several options available to us to get connected to this world and to know what is going on. And one of the most popular and common method to convey your message to an audience is advertisement. Advertising is a form of art that advertisers used to persuade a common mind and change the opinion of that person about particular product or to introduce him with a new product. As living this fast pace life when nobody can afford to spend their precious time to look for new trends and impressive innovation, but at the same time want to meet the standards of society by owning and acknowledging about these trends, then advertising is the most convenient way to seek information about anything new in market or new trends. This is the reason that ads are getting a huge amount of popularity in our society and they are everywhere, does not matter whether we are in a public place or at home, does not matter you are interested in these ads and message they are conveying you, there is always something or someone chasing us for giving unwanted suggestions or information. According to the corporation that sponsored these ads, they merely want people to now about their product that is better than the other one. But all these efforts and billions of dollars being spend just to communicate or giving a moment of think wisely? Do these advertisements are really not having
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