The Effects Of Advertising On Our Society

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If your walking down the street, driving in your car, or listening to radio there is no doubt that you’ve hear or seen an ad. In todays world we live off of the things that the companies try to sell us. As it seems that we are presented with a new problem with the way ads are targeted to the consumer. Ads are much more than a product selling campaign, now it’s an unrealistic ideology of body perfection. This kind of product pushing comes with many different side effects that we as a consumer, might not realize. It is so detrimental that it becomes imbedded in your subconscious. Technology has made it to the point where it’s hard to tell what is real and fake. Advertising has created a pandemic in the way we view the body image of ourselves and the opposite sex in society. The “perfect” image is damaging to people causing an alarming growth in the form of psychological and health issues in the consumer. In today’s modern time, we are evolving in the digital world at a rapid rate. We can no longer live without an ad popping up with every turn we make. Usually these ads come across as playful or appealing depending on the demographic. As time progresses from early forms of advertisement, we are seeing an alarming trending in the way ads have portrayed men and women as unrealistic body figures. Ads tend to sell a type of perfection to the consumer, say that we must have a perfect body, look, or style. In a recent article posted to they defined the current state of…
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