The Effects Of Advertising On Society 's View On Gender Roles

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Influential. Inescapable. Imperious. Advertisements, as we know, are everywhere companies can find a space. They are displayed on billboard after billboard on the routine drive to work, broadcasted again and again on every radio station, and constantly appear while surfing the Internet. Advertisements are tremendously difficult to ignore and almost impossible to avoid. Advertisers use promotion of symbols to target specific audiences, trying to persuade them to take action. These techniques vary from objectifying women to sell hamburgers, to using egotistical images to promote men’s deodorant. These marketing methods of advertisements create a representation of society’s view on “gender roles”. Gender roles can be defined as “appropriate” and “inappropriate” behavior for males and females. The media reinforces stereotypical roles by the way the media portrays men and women. The destructive impact of advertisement affects everyone, specifically women and their deteriorating confidence. The most corruptive impact of advertising is its promotion of gender stereotypes. Men in advertisements are pictured as strong, powerful, and confident. Women are shown as obedient, gentle, and erotic. Men or women who decide to express themselves in any slight difference of the media’s stereotypical roles are faced with harsh judgment in society. These unrealistic stereotypes affect women emotionally and physically, although, the magnitude of the pain women suffer varies depending on their
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