The Effects Of Advertising On The Advertising Industry

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Over the past decade, the influences of the advertising industry have been growing significantly and it has become a part of our daily life. Everyone gets exposed to advertisements, because they appear everywhere: on newspapers, fliers lying on the ground, on your favorite TV shows, and you can’t even browsing the Internet without accidentally clicking on 10 random ads. Since advertising has become such a big impact on our life, advertising companies try to come up with new and effective ideas for their ads, in order to compete with others. Sadly, advertisements todays seems to be losing its creativity and starting to focus more on the objectification and sexualization of women. The “Lego for adults” ad campaign gives us a clear example of how the idea of “sexual advertisement” is being exploited by advertising companies. “Lego for adults” is a series of ads created by Lego, and just by taking a brief look at it, we can easily notice that the main focus of these ads is all about projecting the “sexualized” image of women instead of the actual product. This series of commercials first shows a typical American-style living room as a background, but the stand-out point they want us to look at is the female model inside the room, either half-naked or completely naked, portraying a seductive pose. To make it even better, the model don’t even get presented as a complete person, but rather a “pixilated”, brick-like version. The top left of every advertisement is the name of the
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