The Effects Of Advertising On The United States

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Nine hundred sixty three million dollars was spent this year by McDonalds on advertising. This is up 8 percent from last year. The sad truth is that the number of fast-food ads produced each year is increasing, as well as the percentage of obese people in the United States. Advertisements of high in sugar and calorie foods are almost directly related to obesity within America. There needs to be a stop to this epidemic. Companies spend vast amounts of money to put out an enormous amount of ads. Many of which are viewed by children ages 2-11. On average children in the US see about 253 McDonald’s ads a year. One might see common fast-food ads on TV, billboards, or just about anywhere else in the media. Advertising is a growing market and it is expanding all the time. There is no way to can cut them out of your life. The rate of obesity is increasing each year. Shockingly, from 1974 to 2008 the percentages of obese children have almost quadrupled in size. Researchers, led by Lisa Powell, PhD said that “Eighty-six percent of non-restaurant food and beverage product ads seen on TV by children in 2009 promoted products high in saturated fat, sugar, or sodium,”. They also went on to say “Even on children’s broadcast and cable programming, 72.5 percent of food ads promoted high-calorie, low-nutrient products. “Among some of the fattiest foods, McDonald’s hot cakes have an astonishing 56g of fat. Dr. Heptulla said. “If there are children in the household, there tends to be more
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