The Effects Of Aerobic Exercise On Pregnancy

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Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Pregnancy Aerobic exercise is another fantastic type of physical activity for pregnant women. It is a great alternative for mothers who are apprehensive about resistance training. Aerobic exercise guidelines for mostly sedentary pregnant women state that they should perform at about 60%-70% of their heart rate maximum, and guidelines for active pregnant women suggest they perform at about 60%-90% of their heart rate maximum (11). The United States guidelines supports exercise throughout the full nine months of pregnancy as a positive decision for expecting mothers (2).
Just a handful of gains made while aerobically exercising during pregnancy include maintaining weight, less complications with delivery, a shorter labor, a decrease in stress, less back pain, a decrease in arterial stiffness, improved posture, increased self-confidence, improved insulin sensitivity and glycogen storing, better sleep, a decreased risk of preeclampsia, decreased pelvic girdle pain, and an increased quality of life (6, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19, 23). It is also important to acknowledge that mothers who exercised 3 months before they became pregnant experienced even more advantages with a significant decrease in pregnancy discomforts (9). In two separate studies made up of 43 and 37 pregnant women, mothers participated in a moderate aerobic exercise program. In the first study mothers were trained with general exercise machines, and in the second mothers performed
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