The Effects Of Afrique Engagee On Africa

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The term “Afrique Engagée” is generally a dynamic of the impacts of other continents and countries outside of Africa that played a big role in the Atlantic Slave trade and in the long run caused Africa to have a huge delay in it’s development. This concept includes exports of slaves by sex and age, prices of exports, changes in quantity of slaves, and the products/resources that were big in trade. Afrique Engagée caused Europe to have so much power and success over Africa based on Africa’s goods and people. Emergent Africa, which includes the issue of Africa was just an effect of Afrique Engagée. Population in Africa decreased at astonishing amounts due to the slave trade between Europe and Africa. The population decrease was not just due to slave trade which some African kings were said to have agreed to but Europeans would come into Africa and capture citizens forcefully. Historian Patrick Manning, makes the claim that “the coastal exports of young adult slaves, twice as many men as women, tended to transform the structure of the population and the organization of society”. Manning believes that if Europe didn’t take so much of the people of Africa, Africa could have been sufficient enough to support itself in advances. Walter Rodney, another historian that sides with Manning notes that “Europeans obtained slaves by trading rather than raiding” (Northrup, 89). The used violence, such as, warfare, trickery, banditry, and kidnapping to force these people out of there homes

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