The Effects Of Ageing On Individuals And Contemporary Society Today

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SW2720 Case Study

Mrs Ann Smith is a seventy nine year old woman and she has several problems regarding her health and well-being in her elderly age. Many policies and legislation ensure the safety and well-being of the elderly such as Mrs Smith. Legislation and policies safeguard the elderly including Mrs Smith to receive the fair treatment of care and to stop discrimination and exclusion. Discrimination and exclusion is still prevalent today and within contemporary society the ageing population is rising, discrimination and exclusion could increase if it is not appropriately tackled by contemporary society today. There are numerous theories of ageing, some theories are disengagement theory, and the activity theory and these theories have developed key concepts and the effects of ageing on individuals and contemporary society today.
Discriminating against age and ageism is unfairly treating people and differently because of their age (Age UK, 2012). Age discrimination and ageism can lead to social exclusion, isolation, and loneliness throughout the elderly community. Age discrimination is illegal and detrimental to the elderly; however, any form of treatment whilst it may be different can be good. Bus passes and flu vaccinations are two free products that are available to be an advantage to the elderly age group, and legislation still permits these benefits to remain. Direct discrimination is when a person treats another person less favourably than they would because of…
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