The Effects Of Air Conditioning On The United States

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Is the United States addicted to air conditioning? The use of air conditioning within the United States is higher than any other country As Badger has noted: “We love our air conditioning in the U.S. The amenity is more common in American homes – 87 percent of us have either central air or window units”. This has resulted in Americans becoming addicted to air conditioning. Addiction can be caused from always being around cooled homes, offices and cars. People start to get used to feeling the cool temperatures instead of the hot weather. Before Americans realize it, living without air conditioning becomes harder. Europeans do not use as much air conditioning; instead, they decide to tough it out and deal with the hotter weather. This is important because as the world’s energy is not 100% environmentally friendly, pollution will increase from the higher demand for energy. As the damage to the environment continues it could get to a point where the damage can be irreversible. Mainly the damage is being done to the protective ozone layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer helps the earth block harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause temperature rise and skin cancer to humans. Americans should decrease the use of air conditioning because greener methods for cooling are possible; the cool culture can be reversed, and adapting building regulations will help cool buildings differently. The cool culture of the United States is one that resulted from people getting used to air
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