The Effects Of Air Pollution On Hong Kong

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Most people think of the smog that they see that seems to hover over some of the world’s largest cities. Some of the world’s most polluted cities are those in the two countries with the largest populations, China and India. Everybody has seen the pictures of air so thick there is no visibility in Hong Kong, New Delhi and other cities. However, not all air pollution is visible. Air pollution takes place when the air contains gases or fumes and dust. The air pollution that can be seen is called smog, but that which cannot be seen is just as dangerous as the smog that results in dangerous air quality warnings. When there is air pollution, it means that there is a high quantity of dangerous gases in the air that may be injurious to the health…show more content…
That is why individual cities must make every effort to limit the amount of air pollution in their cities as an example to the wider population of their country and of the world. Besides being dangerous to the overall health of the planet, many of the pollutants found in air pollution can cause harm to humans too. One of those pollutants is aerosols. Secondary organic aerosols are air contaminants released from natural and man-made causes. They are emitted through a complex interaction of sunlight, unstable organic compounds from plants like trees, cars or industrial discharges, and other airborne chemicals. Secondary organic aerosols are a key component of fine particle pollution, which has been found to lead to lung cancer and heart issues and other health implications. Man-made and natural aerosols reaching the air are never a good thing for the macroclimate and microclimate. Created in many ways including everything from volcano explosions to desert winds, aerosol atoms reach the air and can play havoc with the temperature and weather patterns of neighboring areas. Hong Kong, as well as other cities, have this issue worse than other areas around the world. Owing to the massive deserts of Asia, strong wind carry silt as well as other particles into the air, and the elements collect over the Pacific Ocean. For Hong Kong precisely, recent deforestation that came about as the economy developed has
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