The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health

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This planet is home to seven billion people, and as the population still increasing, so does pollution. The debate associated with this contamination on the environment has to do with how much should be done to stop pollution, and whether or not this is a serious enough issue to be concerned with. Well, this issue should disturb people. The most frightening point about it is that these poisonous impurities infect the Earth in multiple forms, including air pollution and water pollution. The value of Earth is incomparable, and the presence of pollution devaluing it needs to be stopped because it impairs the environment, negatively affects human health, and it is something avoidable people can take simple, effective steps to prevent. Though there are many variations of pollution, the effects of them all end in hazardous consequences. These consequences destroy the environment, and a healthy environment is required for a safe Earth humans can survive on. The outcomes of air pollution are among the most common and severe. Transportation, agricultural processes, and natural sources like storms or fires are large triggers of this main type of pollution (“Air Pollution”). Responding to the significance of air pollution, the National Park Service says, “The presence of pollution in the atmosphere results directly in air quality degradation,” (“Air Pollution”). Pollution as a whole worsens the condition of natural environments and man-made buildings everywhere. It can cause
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