The Effects Of Air Pollution On Human Health Essay

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1. To establish the definition of air pollution and pollutants and determine their chemical nature.
2. To identify the causes of Air pollution
3. To define air pollution in India with respect to law as stated in the Indian Constitution.
4. To describe the Supreme Court interjection due to Delhi’s pollution and its results.
5. To assess the air pollution level in Delhi and compare the levels before and after Diwali
6. To find the level of pollution caused by different sources and the data supporting it.
7. To analyze the level of pollution in Delhi by comparing it to prescribed limits prescribed by various institutions.
8. To study the effects of air pollution on human health by secondary data sources and interviews conducted by our group.
9. To study the effects of air pollution on the floral life.
10. To study the data given by the premier institution CPCB.
11. To find out about the measures taken by government after Great Delhi Smog (2016) and study the sustainable practices that can be or have been taken in accordance with air pollution.

We will be measuring and analyzing the ambient air pollution of Delhi by the standards of Central Pollution Control Board, India. The parameters and standards we are taking is the concentration of the following pollutants :
Prime focus areas of our paper : Average air pollution level in Delhi , Air quality index of Delhi , and specific focus on the effects of Diwali and burning of agricultural crops on the
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