The Effects Of Air Pollution On Plants, Animals, And Structures

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Descriptive Analysis: Air Pollution in California
Holly Torres
California Baptist University
November 11, 2015

Background Information Air pollution has adverse effects on plants, animals, human beings, and structures; air pollution is caused by the introduction of foreign elements, fumes, and other impurities in the air. Over time, air pollution has been a major health problem caused by both human and natural causes. As the years advance, air pollution has become an issue of concern throughout the world since the pollutants quickly spread in the atmosphere and have negative effects on the ecosystem; as such, this issue is of global concern. One of the primary reasons for increased air pollution is industrialization that is
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Subsequently, air pollution has reached a life-threatening stage due to its effect on earth’s atmosphere. For instance, the depletion of the ozone layer allows the penetration of radioactive rays from the sun. Ideally, the ozone layer acts as a screen that prevents harmful radiation from reaching the earth’s surface. Seemingly, California is one of the cities in which air pollution has reached extreme levels. Almost 90% of the air in the state has been contaminated, which poses a health hazard for the citizens, especially children. In effect, this trend has prompted the formation of organizations such as the Air Resource Board, which establishes health-based standards for the most affected individuals (Board, 2015).
Qualitative and Quantitative Data Notably, a healthy person inhales about 20,000 liters of air per day. Unfortunately, this air contains hazardous chemicals that are dangerous to human health. According to Friis (2012), approximately 50,000 people die annually due to diseases associated with air pollution, particularly hazardous chemicals. In most cases, the elderly and young children are the most vulnerable to diseases linked to air pollution. Notably, a disease such as asthma affects children, while heart diseases and lung cancer affect older people. Studies show that 25% of air pollution is attributed to modern means of transportation while industrialization accounts for 51% of air pollution.
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