The Effects Of Air Pollution On Respiratory Health

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“Asthma is a chronic respiratory illness often associated with familial, allergenic, socioeconomic, psychological and environmental factors.” (Rhodes 2002) Traffic related air pollution at home and school has been associated with adverse health effects, specifically on the respiratory system, resulting in an increased prevalence of asthma in children. The Southern California Children’s Health Study was designed to look at the chronic effects of air pollution on respiratory health. Previous research has shown an association of asthma with those that live in residential areas in close proximity to major roadways and exposure to traffic pollutants.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the link between traffic related air pollution and childhood incident asthma in southern California. They hypothesized that children’s exposure to traffic related pollution at school and home both contribute to the risk of new onset asthma. This was a cohort study in which the subjects were enrolled in the Children’s Healthy Study (CHS) from forty-five different schools in thirteen different communities and were followed for several years. Initially 5,349 children that were in kindergarten and first grade were enrolled in a new CHS Cohort. The communities that were included were selected to represent a range of the regional particulate pollutants, nitrogen dioxides, and ozone in Southern California. Excluded from the study were children with a history of physician-diagnosed asthma at
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