The Effects Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is the largest killer in the developing world, taking the lives of over 7 million people annually. While air pollution does take place in America daily, we are not exposed to the high levels of PM 2.5, PM10, and other pollutants that developing countries are. It is very much real, and a global challenge that affects us, as a world as whole, causing global warming, and emission of greenhouse gases. In America we have air regulations in effect, along with other developed countries like Canada, and France, in an attempt to regulate the amount of air pollution released in the air. While we are not a perfect nation, or the most Earth friendly country, we, the population, do not consider the long term effects of air pollution. Many people living in developing countries are basically forced to live in these harsh conditions because of how poor they and their country are; the lack of enforcement on air regulations contributes strongly to the problem. This results in smog filled cities, poor living conditions, millions of premature deaths, and many affected by the heavy amount of air pollution that is shamelessly forced into the air.
Air pollution is filling up many developing countries, by WHO (World Health Organization) regulated guidelines, developing countries’ air were deemed beyond unsafe. WHO usually measures in daily or annual mean of PM10, and PM 2.5 particles, per cubic meter of air volume. PM stands for particulate matter, a combination of solid, and

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