The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse And Binge Drinking

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College students will always encounter some type of “problem” during their college experience. A problem can be something simple such as a lack of adequate parking or more complex such as sexual harassment. “A new report from Student Monitor asked college students to identify the biggest problems on campus, and their top three answers were cost of education, stress, and alcohol abuse,” (Jacobs, 2014, p.1). College students will be affected by a number of problems during their college career. As a professional in student affairs it is our duty to help students decrease their problems and help them have a successful experience. Andrews University is experiencing one of the top three biggest social issues on their campus, alcohol abuse and…show more content…
This can be due to the fact that when students attend a four-year college they most often are exposed to new experiences, friends, and they may also have less parental supervision. Attending college can be a major transition for young adults which in return can lead to trying new things such as, alcohol. It is my job to change this social issue that has become a major problem on campus. The first step I am going to take is make awareness of developing and enforcing alcohol campus policies. “Colleges and universities are mandated by the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 to put into practice a program to prevent the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students.” (Marshall et al, 2011). This is a great way to inform students about their college or university campus rules regarding alcohol. Andrews University has policies set however, since alcohol abuse and binge drinking is a major concern on campus, I will have to develop and reinforce these polices. When developing and changing these policies it is important to remember to include the entire student body as well as the surrounding community. Campuses typically have a diverse student population therefore it is important to target approaches specifically to various groups (Anderson et al, 1997). For example, messages and certain approaches regarding alcohol abuse will be different
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