The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Family

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Monday thru Friday, Tina wakes up, goes to work, comes home from work, takes off her work clothes, and cracks open a beer, Joose, or a bottle of wine. She does not do this because she had a bad day at work, but because it has truly become a routine in her life. My mom arrives home an hour or so later and if she wanted to go somewhere for dinner or even go for a walk, she knew she would not be able to do so because Tina was already in her nightclothes and drinking. Unfortunately, like many addicts, my step mom, Tina, does not see the impact this is having on her relationship with my mom and family. To say my step mom is an addict would truly be an understatement because of her need and crave for it each day. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse is not often taken serious and many people have a tough time understanding the effects of alcohol abuse on the entire family as opposed to just the abuser. Since Tina was a young age, she knew she was a lesbian and made it a point to hide this from her family and friends. She began to create a secret life from everyone in fear that she would cause the family shame, embarrassment, and pain because of her sexual orientation. When speaking to her, she cried the first time she admitted to me that she was ashamed of who she was and did not want to tell her family how her sexual orientation influenced her addiction. She was so ashamed of it; she kept it from them for years and eventually hurt them just as much as herself. Because of the lack of…
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