The Effects Of Alcohol Addiction On The Brain

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Abraham’s addiction to alcohol could be caused by processes in the brain, such as neurotransmitters and by hormones, it has been proven that alcohol addiction can be caused by genetics. There is also a gene that affects the amount of alcohol that people drink, this means that some people like Abraham may have a predisposition to drink a greater amount of alcohol that other people. There also a difference in the genetics factors, regarding alcohol consumption and alcohol dependency.
Also in studies it has been shown that children of alcoholics are 4 times more likely to have problems with alcohol and this may also cause behavioural and emotional problems and also that characteristics can run in families. So since Abraham’s family drink a lot at parties and drink regularly, this would cause Abraham do the same things, because of the characteristics.
Some people that are addicted to alcohol like Abraham certain things like physiology and genetics can cause addiction and when this happens it would be hard for people like Abraham to resist drinking, because of his genetics and the impulse to drink may be so strong, that it is hard to stop.
Alcoholism can also be passed from a parent to their child, so Abraham’s problems with alcohol could be down to me him in this way – “These new findings suggest that if a parent uses drugs, he or she could pass on that DNA “damage” in the form of inherited epigenetic changes” (thefix, 2014)
Epigenetics is when there can be heritable changes in…
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