The Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs On Children

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Back in my home in Nigeria, I used to see many drunks who are completely stoned out with excessive alcohol. They will walk staggeringly and talk to themselves, sometimes to others, while they say things that do not make sense. Then when I came to the United States, I have seen pastors, athletes, famous entertainers being overdosed with drugs and or alcohol. When someone has an addiction problem, I usually see them as weak minded, losers, school drop-out, lazy and unemployed. I think of them as not having the willpower to end their addiction and as such I have little or no sympathy for them. I then started asking questions such as: Is this behavior a creature of habit? Or is it an innate or inborn behavior which cannot be controlled? What causes these people to take overdose drugs and excessive alcohol? Is this a disease or a lack of will power? Can these people be helped? Can this abuse of alcohol and drugs have a negative impact on their children, family and others? I choose this course so that I can find answers to these questions and have a better understanding of the cause or causes and effect of substance abuse. Furthermore, I would have a better understanding on how to deal and help in the eradication of this overdose drug and alcohol epidemic. Before it reaches the point of addiction, in the case of alcohol, it started with a choice to drink or not to drink. In the case of drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other hard core drugs, the addicts took

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