The Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs On Society

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Alcohol’s importance in our social history is sufficiently great. Even more significant is the abuse of alcohol and how alcohol has affected modern society. For several decades, alcohol and drugs has been a major problem in our society. Not only has the drug problem increased but also drug related problems are rising day by day. There is no crime in the world that kills teenagers more than alcohol does. Those substances affect the body in many ways. As they say, anything that anyone gets addicted to is called addiction. Addiction is partly Biological, psychological and partly social. Using drugs increases the risk of injury. Addiction is a disease. The usage of alcohol and drugs affects a person by their appearance and makes them depressed. In this term paper I will be discussing how symptoms, and the progression of alcohol and drugs. According to researchers, in Schick Shadel Hospital, the progression of alcoholism is a three-stage pattern, each stage getting more severe over the course of time. The duration of the pattern is depending on the individual and on their situation. Stage 1 would be the Developmental Zone. In this stage symptoms are very low at this point. Drinking symptoms are occasional. This zone includes social drinking, drinking faster and more than others, suffering memory blackouts and having a drink at least once a week. Stage 2 is the Zone of Overt Alcoholism. In stage two symptoms are occurring more than the first stage. Meaning they are more…
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