The Effects Of Alcohol And Substance Abuse

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Alcohol and drug consumptions are the biggest issues that the country has. In the 2013 National survey on drug use and health, more than 70% of the people are either full-time or part-time employee. Further, 60% of the drug produced worldwide are consumed by the employee in the USA. The money spent on health care, accidental injuries, productivity loss is very high. The most of the adults with alcohol and substance abuses are the full-time employee. Employees with substance dependency and alcohol addiction increase the medical expenses related to injuries and poor health. The rate of absenteeism is greater than non-substance abuse and non-alcohol employees. The productivity and quality of the work are highly affected. The four major areas of concern in the workplace is attendance, productivity, safety and employee relationship (Elliott & Shelley, 2006).
Employees consuming alcohol and substance abuses are mostly full-time employee of all levels of management. Alcohol and substance abuse employees cause low productivity, increases health care expenses, work injuries, absenteeism and tardiness, and waste supplies and material due to poor decision-making (Garcia, 1996; Levy Merrick, Volpe-Vartanian et al., 2007).
An employee who is addicted to the alcohol and substance abuse does the job to meet the minimum requirement, in order, to sustain their job and to get their paycheck. But from the organizational point of view, the overall productivity is highly…
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