The Effects Of Alcohol And Teen Drinking

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According to Dryden-Edwards (2), teenage drinking is widespread, and teenagers believe that it is acceptable. But, teenagers’ bodies are still developing. They fail to realize that consuming alcohol places them in danger for numerous issues. Consuming alcohol is more widespread among teenagers than most realize. "Alcohol and Teen Drinking" (1) reports that three-fourths of seniors, a little over two-thirds of Sophomores, and two out of five 8th graders have experimented with alcohol. With rising statistical information available on teenage drinking escalating, the signs and symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention becomes important factors in protecting our youth.
Armstrong & McCarroll ( 8) explain that there is a definite connection between low academic success and abuse of alcohol. Senior drop-outs tended to be involved in consuming alcohol. Communities need to create new strategies to assure that their teenage children are attending school and an alcohol prevention program is implemented.
Simmers, Simmers-Nartker, & Simmers-Kobelak (125) stated that alcohol is considered to be a depressant. It is made up of ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Ethanol is the element in alcohol that makes you intoxicated in products like liquor, beer, and wine. It is made by fermenting sugars, yeast, and starches. Teenagers fail to realize that when they consume alcohol, they are causing the lining of their stomach to tear. Alcohol consumption also gets in their bloodstream, and…
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