The Effects Of Alcohol And Tobacco On The Age Of Addiction

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We live in an age of addiction. Whether it is fast paced lifestyles and over work, obsession with sports or video games, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse. A person can end up with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction at any age. Younger people face different social pressures surrounding drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse is often related to negative experiences at some point during life. Researchers have found that abuse at any age can influence an individual 's choice to turn to drugs or alcohol. Middle age and elderly deal with life changes such as divorce, loss or jobs, and loss of loved ones. Addiction is not simply a weakness. People from all backgrounds, rich or poor, can get an addiction.
Experimentation with alcohol and drugs during adolescence is common. Unfortunately, teenagers often don 't see the link between their actions today and the consequences tomorrow. They also have a tendency to feel indestructible and immune to the problems that others experience. Using alcohol and tobacco at a young age has negative health effects. While some teens will experiment and stop, or continue to use occasionally, without significant problems. Others will develop a dependency, moving on to more dangerous drugs and causing significant harm to themselves and possibly others. It is difficult to know which teens will experiment and stop and which will develop serious problems. According to our textbook, adolescence is a time where they are experiencing rapid learning along with
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