The Effects Of Alcohol On A Pilot

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Introduction to Pilots’ Health and Flying Safely 1

The Effects of Alcohol on a Pilot 2

Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue and Performance Degradation 4

Dangers of Self-Medication 6

Flying with a Common Cold 9

Conclusions regarding Flying with these Health Issues 12

Bibliography 13


Introduction to Pilots’ Health and Flying Safely

This report explains issues regarding pilots’ health, their effects on flying safely, and measures to avoid catastrophes and jeopardising the life of the pilot, their crew and the passengers.

Flying and health go together and a pilot needs to be fully fit to fly. Hence, before undertaking any form training to become a commercial pilot, one has to undergo the comprehensive Class 1 Medical Certificate.

The first part of the report discusses the effects of alcohol on a pilot, relevant regulations, and alcohol’s adverse effects on pilots’ key organs – the brain, eyes, and inner ear.

Next, I discuss how sleep deprivation causes fatigue, with consequent performance degradation for a pilot, which could result in a catastrophe.

Then, I’ll discuss self-medication and dangers, such as impairment of judgment, if pilots take any medicine where it’s not prescribed by an aviation medical examiner.

Finally, I discuss the dangers involved in flying with a common cold, and how that may affect the equalisation of pressure in the middle ear as aircraft ascend and descend.

The report highlights…
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