The Effects Of Alcohol On College Students Essay

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Alcohol is one of the most popularly used substances in America (Fuertes & Hoffman, 2016). Amongst all who consume alcohol, college students ages 18 to 24, have proven to consume more alcohol than any other age or group (Koyama & Belli, 2011). Ruberman (2014) explained that college students between the ages of 18 to 24 are experiencing a time in life when mental illness levels are high. College students are also enduring higher levels of stress than normal that stem from social pressures and new academic responsibilities (Bodenlos, Noonan, & Wells, 2013). Being exposed to new or unusual stressors can cause college students to consume large amounts of alcohol. According to Bodenlos et al. (2013) college students have been found to take part in weekly binge drinking more than their peers who are similar in age, but not in college. Bodenlos et al. (2013) also stated that evidence confirms that binge drinking in college increases the risk of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence in the future. Unfortunately, misusing alcohol can lead to alcohol-related injuries, which take the lives of approximately 1,700 college students each year (Fuertes & Hoffman, 2016). Having said that, alcohol is a problematic issue that must be addressed. Recent literature has shown a correlation between stress and alcohol consumption in college students. With this in mind, this study will examine the relationship between stress and the amount of alcohol consumed in one setting.
Bridges and Sharma (2015)
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