The Effects Of Alcohol On The Health

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Alcohol is one of the most popular and socially acceptable consumed drug around the world. It is consumed for several different reasons for example to relax or socialize. It affects the health of people in many ways which is usually depended on how much alcohol is consumed over a period of time. The term ‘health’ has different meanings to different people, depending on what situations they are in. However, according to the World Health Organisation (1948), the definition of health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease, which encapsulates the idea of the term health status. Taking this definition of health into consideration, this essay will be looking at how alcohol affects a person physically, mentally and socially and how that affects their overall health status. Alcohol consumption, when consumed moderately, is not always a problem and a risk to health. However, when alcohol consumption starts to get out of hand and people start to misuse alcohol, it is then, that it becomes a major problem. Some of these problems could be physiological while others could be more social or economic related. A report published by public health England (2014) stated that the annual cost to the NHS as a result of alcohol misuse, is £3.5 billion and the overall cost to society is £21 billion each year. There are many theories which try to explain what the cause of alcohol misuse may be but none of these are backed by clear
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