The Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

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As suicide rates continue to increase throughout the world, more psychologists are searching for the motives behind these suicides. The majority of society believes that alcohol plays a major role in people committing suicide by stimulating suicidal behaviors, but they lack factual support. Now psychologists are testing to see if a positive Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) correlates with suicide. Samples of 92 studies were selected out of 167,894 suicides to test for BAC. This study helps further the knowledge of how substances that interfere with your motor skills, perceptions, etc. would either discourage or encourage one to commit suicide. Initially, the study would measure the Blood Alcohol Content of an individual rather than intoxication because the BAC level would have to be higher for a person to be intoxicated. By doing this it would allow a wider group to be included in the study for better analysis. The studies showed that only 27% tested positive BAC, which is a much lower percentage than people would expect. Some may argue that because of the impacts that alcohol has on the human body, the probability of suicide would be increased due to lowered inhibitions and accidents, however, research showed that those who abuse substances were less likely to commit suicide. This suggests that there is less of a correlation between the intake of alcohol and suicide. Many variables are also taken into consideration when measuring the BAC in suicides. Some include gender, year,…
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