The Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

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Setting Up Your Research
1.1: Discovering the Subject of Your Interest or Issue of Inquiry
The personal issue, selected, focuses on alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a flammable liquid which often intoxicates drinks (WebMD, 2016). Examples of the drinks include beer, wine, and other beverages. Component parts of this interest includes what factors that influence or encourage alcohol usage and addiction?, What methods are utilized to decrease one’s alcohol usage?, and what are the effects of alcohol on the human body? I became curious about this question because I have family members and relatives who suffer from alcohol addiction. Moreover, alcohol addiction is common around the world. I’m interested in gathering research that can be utilized to help my family members and relatives overcome their addictions. I know it may be a difficult process and long journey. However, I believe the first step would be to educate them about their addiction and start the journey to overcome this addiction. Many people live their lives as being dependent on alcohol. This can be altered through thorough research and effective approaches. 1.2: Understanding the Personal Viewpoint
Previous knowledge I have gathered about alcohol addiction includes alcohol impacts one’s brain. It causes one’s behavior and thought processes to change. Alcohol addiction can also be referred as alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can be influenced by a variety of factors. A few of these factors include one’s…
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