The Effects Of Alcohol On The Prevention Of Underage Drinking

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III. Suggestions of a possible solution a. Education i. Nature. What, specifically, is the plan? Not only does family play a significant role in the prevention of underage drinking, so does education. The plan is to get more schools involved in teaching youth about the potential risks associated with underage and irresponsible drinking habits. ii. Strengths. In what ways would this plan effectively fulfill the requirements or criteria of a solution, that is make notable progress in the direction and stay satisfactorily within the boundaries of a solution? Since children tend to learn more by example, it would probably make more of an impact if they were taught the negative effects of alcohol using visuals (i.e. videos, pictures). By providing educational sources, the minors will be taught the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, the negative effects associated with the overconsumption of alcohol, alcohol related the deaths, and the overall health implications. Through effective education, the youth will be fortified by the knowledge of how to deal with and avoid alcohol. iii. Weaknesses. In what ways would this plan fall short of effectively fulfilling these requirements or criteria? Some potential shortfalls of this particular plan is some parents may be in opposition to some of the teaching techniques, and may deem them a little too graphic (i.e. showing photos of underage accident sites, babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome). Also, the costs associated with
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