The Effects Of Alcoholism And Child Abuse

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While both alcoholism and child abuse are prevalent issues in today 's society, alcohol is a more prevalent issue at hand. The Glass Castle clearly illustrates the reality of the effects when adult abuse children, and the everlasting effects it has upon children’s children; domino effect if one must, or vicious cycle that is difficult to break free from. Whatever the case maybe alcoholism and child abuse go hand in hand like fuel and fire, when both combined and united, both are extremely combustible, and deadly. Thus, going into depth into the effects of alcoholism and child abuse, we will analyze how people’s lives are impacted from a social, emotional, physical, psychological, and economical standpoint by relating personal …show more content…
(Emergency Medical Technician), and eventually working his way up to a Surgical Technician, all achieved while never graduating high-school. Thus Rex had no excuse for such behavior, because where there is a will there is a way, and by all means he had the choice to change his life. Therefore, though Rex was abused as a child who later led to his abuse of alcohol, he was selfish and weak to assume his responsibility of his family’s well being.
Through abuse comes implications on one’s mind psychologically, thus Rex created a paranoia in order to cope with his fears, he resorted to fictitious stories and alcoholism to ease his pain. Rex was famous for creating his illusive dreams that he was being chased by the F.B.I. (Federation Bureau of Investigation), and that various people within the system were corrupt:
“The reason Dad was having a tough time getting steady work-as he kept trying to tell us-was that the electrician’s union in Phoenix was corrupt. It was run by the mob… before he could get a decent job; he had to run organized crime out of town… Your father needs to see the mess he’s made of our lives, Mom said” (pg. 112).”
Surely any sane person would deem this person mad without hesitation, or label him as complete baloney, a fallacy so gigantic that a blind man could point him out miles away from a distance, but yet shouldn’t we as people comprehend such

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