The Effects Of Alcoholism And Child Abuse

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While both alcoholism and child abuse are prevalent issues in today 's society, alcohol is a more prevalent issue at hand. The Glass Castle clearly illustrates the reality of the effects when adult abuse children, and the everlasting effects it has upon children’s children; domino effect if one must, or vicious cycle that is difficult to break free from. Whatever the case maybe alcoholism and child abuse go hand in hand like fuel and fire, when both combined and united, both are extremely combustible, and deadly. Thus, going into depth into the effects of alcoholism and child abuse, we will analyze how people’s lives are impacted from a social, emotional, physical, psychological, and economical standpoint by relating personal effects to successfully analyze a controversial topic.

Rex Walls was rational to the core when it came to logic; he was an inventor, and quite an intelligent being but lacked the capability to sustain an economic stance to provide for his family. His mother Erma Ruth sexually abused him as a child, which later on in life led to alcohol abuse, because he questioned his masculinity and confidence. Clearly his mother’s actions psychologically affected him for life, leaving him to cope with such shame through the only ways of numbing his pain through alcohol. However, to what extent did this man loose the true sight that his problem was not the molestation as a child, but his own personal needs, as an alcoholic became the real issue
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